Not in Control

The Lord reigns
1 Chronicles 16:31 
(NET Bible)
Let the heavens rejoice, and the earth be happy! Let the nations say, “The Lord reigns!”

This past week, I was humbly reminded of something I already knew…I am NOT in control. I tend to forget that from time to time so last week, God patiently and lovingly reminded me that He is sovereign, is in complete control and simply wants me to trust Him.

I like to get things done…I like to check things off on my list…but Father-God moved at His own pace in my life and wanted me to pause and be in awe of Him.

I heard a pastor on TV say that we need to be released from the allusion that we are in control. I agree with him – we are not in control, never have been and never will. When things (both good and bad) come into our lives, we are to “manage” them with prayer, trust, wisdom, discernment and hope. We are to put all of our weight on Christ Jesus, because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

Brethren, you and I do not have the power or privilege to do whatever we want when we want – that is reserved only for God (Psalms 115:3). We are to seek Him each day for our “daily bread” and know there is enough grace to handle what comes our way.

Trust Him for TODAY – leave TOMORROW in His hands.
GOD’s in CONTROL (He’s got it!)